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Last modified: 2021/03/24

This personal data protection policy (the “Policy”) has been created to help you understand the practices and conditions in which Microlorge 

(a Microlorge website businesss brand owned by the professional) Dominique Lorge under no. 398 678 680, 

having contact at 17 Rue du Tricot 36100 ISSOUDUN (“Microlorge”) gathers, uses and stores your personal data (the “Data”).

In this document you will find the various Data that Microlorge may collect and process or that you may provide to Microlorge 

when you access the website (the “Website”). 

Use of the all Website is subject to this Policy.

Given that laws and regulations on technology and personal data protection are constantly evolving, this Policy is likely to be updated.

If any of the clauses in this Policy should be declared null and void or contrary to regulations, that clause will be deemed nugatory, but will not result in any other clauses in this Policy becoming null and void.

This Policy applies to Data collected on forms enabling Users to:

Read the Personal Data Protection Policy for Microlorge,

Register from forms,

Order a product,

Contact Microlorge,

Notify of one illicit problem,

It does not apply to information collected by any third party or through Website managed by the latter, including via applications and content (including advertisements) redirecting users to the Website.

Please read the Policy carefully to clearly understand practices regarding the processing of your Data. Please be aware that you must agree to this Policy in order to view and/or use Website.

If you do not agree, please do not use Website.You are responsible for ensuring any Data provided to Microlorge is complete and up to date.


What Data does Microlorge collect?

Depending on the nature and purpose of your interaction with Microlorge (creating a user account or a customer account, completing contact forms, and any telephone conversations only in French if Microlorge accepts to listen you), Microlorge may collect the following Data:

your email address is required on all of forms, specifically if you wish to:

read the Personal Data Protection Policy for Microlorge,

Register from forms,

Order a product,

Contact Microlorge,

Notify of one illicit problem,

Data relating to your complete address to receive the product(s) that you order, and to access your account for your online invoice,

Data relating to your identity, such as your full name, email address and telephone number may be required.

Data relating to browsing: Data relating to how you use the Website, including: IP address, browser used, browsing duration, search history, operating system used, language and pages viewed.

Data about your visits to Website, including traffic data, logfiles and other data or communication ressources used by you when accessing Microlorge Website.

Data about social network use when you use those features.


How is my data collected?

Data can be collected in several ways on the Website.

It may be collected directly when you communicate with Microlorge through user account creation and other forms available on Website, when you access 

Furthermore, Microlorge is likely to collect your Data when you use the various contact forms on the Website and/or communicate with Microlorge by telephone or email.

When you contact via these various means, a copy of your conversation with Microlorge, including email addresses, is created and archived.

You can also send us information for publication (the “Contributions”) on the free access Website or from other users and third parties.

your Contributions posted on the Website are published at your own risk.

Microlorge cannot control the actions of other users of the Website on which you share your Contributions.


Therefore Microlorge cannot guarantee that your Contributions will not be viewed by unauthorised users.

Requests to delete Contributions published on the Website must be sent to

In some situations, Contributions cannot be deleted. In this case, you will be informed of the reason.


Microlorge also indirectly collects your Data through cookies and tracers. Read Cookie Policy below, which is designed to help you better understand these technologies and how Microlorge uses them on Site and in services, applications and tools..


Why is my data collected?

Collect of your Data may be necessary:

To respect Microlorge contractual commitments

To comply with the laws and regulations in force

For Microlorge’s legitimate interest in order to develop its activity and improve its products and services.

Microlorge collect and use your Data to:

Display Website and their content to you.

Enable you to use services (access the Microlorge, documentations),

Enable Microlorge to contact you,

Sell you products and services you have requested,

Notify you of changes to Website and Microlorge range of products and services,

Uphold Microlorge rights and duties as stipulated in conditions, as for all other legal purposes.


Who processes my data?

your Data is processed by Dominique Lorge himself:

Managing the Website,

Managing partnerships with wholesalers,

Legal tasks.

your Data may also, within the scope of Microlorge business and for external processing needs,

be provided to subcontractors, service providers and other third 

parties, particularly for managing Microlorge campaigns sent out through

Microlorge service intermediary or for dropshipping by wholesalers.

The latter are bound by contractual obligations to maintain the confidentiality of the Data and to use it solely for the purposes for which Microlorge provides them.

Lastly, Microlorge may also close your Data:

To comply with any legal document, laws and legal procedures, including governmental and regulatory requests,

If Microlorge deems that disclosure is required or appropriate within the scope of protecting the rights, ownership or security of Microlorge, customers or providers. This disclosure includes exchanging information with other companies and organisations for the purpose of protecting against fraud and counterfeiting.

Links to third party Website

The Website may contain links to various social network platforms managed on third-party servers by people and organisations 

over which Microlorge has no control.

As such, Microlorge cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the way in which your Data 

is stored or used on those third-party servers.

Microlorge recommends that you read the applicable policy regarding personal Data protection for each third party Website you access 

via Microlorge Website in order to understand how your Data will be used.


How long is my data stored for?

Microlorge only stores your Data for the period necessary for the purposes explained.

This storage period varies according to the Data in question, as it may be affected by the nature and purpose of the collection. Similarly, some legal obligations stipulate a specific storage period.

When you open your account or you give in a form an information, Microlorge stores your email address until you delete your account.

When you contact Microlorge using the various contact forms or telephone number, your Data will be stored for three (3) years from the date of the last exchange with Microlorge, then deleted.


If you contact to become a partner, your Data will be stored for the full term of the contract period.

Data relating to your comments will be stored for the entire period of your registration except if your comments are refused by service e.g. for the image for Microlorge brand and service.

When you notify Microlorge of illicit content, the storage period for your Data may vary depending on the offence in question and its applicable statutory limitation period.

When you contact through a contact form to take part in one of Microlorge partners, all the Data relating to your messages can stay stored as long as Microlorge wishes.


Lastly, as regards the Data collected by means of cookies or tracers, 

they will be kept for the duration indicated in the Cookie Policy below.


How is my data protected?

your Data is stored on secure servers protected by firewalls and antivirus software.

Microlorge and providers (web server provider and PLESK) have implemented technical and organisational measures intended to protect the security and confidentiality of your Data against any accidental loss and any unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure.

Given the inherent characteristics of the internet, Microlorge cannot guarantee the optimal security of information exchanged over this network.

Microlorge strive to protect your Data, but cannot guarantee the absolute security of information sent to the Website. You agree that you provide your Data at your own risk.

Microlorge cannot be held liable for any failure to comply with privacy settings and security measures implemented on Microlorge Website.

As such, you agree that the security of your information is equally your responsibility. For instance, you are responsible for keeping your user account password confidential.

Never provide it to any third parties. Similarly, be careful when you share information in the public sections of the Website as they can be viewed by all Website users.


What are my rights?

You can choose how the Data you provide is used:

You can browse the Website without providing Data.

If you do this, you will not be able to use some features of the Website.

You can decide to no longer use your account or cookies.

Simply delete using the link in your account.

You can decide not to provide your email address in the various contact forms.

Please be aware that in this case you cannot receive a reply from Microlorge.


In any case, you can access your user accounts at any time to view and update your Data.

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations regarding Data protection, namely the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) and the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and its amendments, you have the right to access and correct your Data.

You also have the right to stipulate directives relating to the fate of your Data in the event of your death.

Furthermore, subject to the conditions of the aforementioned regulation for exercising your rights, you have:

The right to erasure of your Data,

The right to limit processing of your Data,

The right to object to the processing of your Data on legitimate grounds, in accordance with article 21 of the GDPR,

The right to portability for the Data you have provided,

The right to withdraw consent, when it has been asked.


When processing of your Data has occurred based on your consent, you may withdraw that consent at any time. However, you acknowledge that any processing that occurred before your consent was withdrawn remains entirely valid.


However, in accordance with Article 12.6 of the GDPR, when you exercise these rights, Microlorge, as the controller, reserves the right to require proof of your identity. Please be aware that the data required to prove your identity will be deleted once Microlorge has responded to your request.

You can exercise your rights by sending an email in French, English to or writing to:

For your personal data whose Dominique Lorge is the DPO Data Protection Officer for Microlorge 

DPO address and Name  for the accounts customers users file under DPO responsability


Phone Adress email

Microlorge is required to reply within one (1) month to all requests regarding the exercising of these rights. This timeframe may be extended to two (2) months for complex requests and large request volumes.

Lastly, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with CNIL (the French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties), namely via its Website at

Does Microlorge transfer my data outside THE EUROPEAN UNION?

Data collected within the scope of using the Website is hosted by Online scaleway France, whose servers are located in the European Union, France. As such, your Data may not be transferred outside of the European Union, to the United States for hosting purposes.

By using the Website, you agree to your Data are in those servers.

Cookies Policy Microlorge


When you visit or use the Website (the “Website”), Microlorge and Microlorge partner service providers may use cookies and any other described here tracing/tracking/automatic data collection technologies to store information that can be used to offer you an improved, faster, more secure experience.

The purpose of this cookies policy (the “Policy”) is to help you better understand these technologies and how Microlorge uses them.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files (normally comprising letters and numbers) stored in the memory of your browser or device when you visit a Website or view a message. 

They enable a Website to recognise the browser or device. Like most Website, Microlorge mostly uses technologies through little data files stored on your 

device which enable to save certain information when you visit or use Microlorge Website.

How are cookies used?

Most cookies that may be saved or read when you browse the Website are used solely to enhance your browsing experience on the Website and make some services on the Website available. If you decide not to allow those cookies, this could affect your experience on the Website and could even block your access to some services offered on the Website. Microlorge disclaims all liability in that respect.

There are several types of cookies: 

necessary cookies like session cookies

persistent cookies like other cookies

What type of cookies does Microlorge use?

Microlorge cookies have various purposes. They may: 

Be required for Microlorge services to operate

Help improve performance

Offer you extra features  

Help offer you some informations

Microlorge uses cookies and other similar tracking technology stored on your device only while your browser is opened (session cookies), and cookies and other 

similar technology stored on your device for a longer period (persistent cookies).


Necessary cookies  

Microlorge issues session cookies which are strictly necessary for the Website’ correct operation and your browsing on them.


Cookie set by Microlorge


This cookie keeps your consent to authorize cookies use on the Website.

This cookie is used to store the user's consent to the collection of data.

13 months duration


Contains the current language.

12 months duration


by Prestashop

Records the user session ID.

Identifies the http session of the user and its requests during a session.



by Prestashop

Determines whether JavaScript is enabled for Drupal to perform operations that enhance the user experience.

End of browsing session


Analytical cookies 

Microlorge may use cookies or tracers to help it evaluate the performance of the Site, its applications, services and tools, particularly in the context of analytical practices, to help it understand how visitors use the Site, to detect whether you have consulted a product or link or to improve the content of its Site, applications, services or tools.


Microlorge uses the services of Google Analytics to measure the audience and analyse statistics on browsing behaviour. The data used is completely anonymous and is not cross-referenced with data from other processing that would lead to the identification of users. 

For more information on the use of the data collected, please consult the following page:

Privacies and Terms of Google Analytics 


Cookie set by

Google Analytics


Enables unique visitors to be distinguished on a Website by attributing a unique identifier to each visitor

13 months


Used to distinguish users

24 hours


Assigns an identifier to each visitor to distinguish them.

End of browsing session



Advertising and profiling cookies

These 3rd parties partner service providers can also collect information enabling them to identify 

your device via Microlorge services (third-party cookies) and/or collect information enabling them to identify your device, such as your IP address and other 

unique identifiers.

Social network cookies

Microlorge service may include third-party applications giving you the option of sharing content on social networks.

For more information about the utilisation of data collected by social networks, you may consult the following pages :

Facebook Privacy policy 

Linkedin Privacy policy 

Twitter Privacy policy 


Cookie set by


Encrypted Facebook ID and Browser ID

3 months




Enables tracking of the use of integrated services.

12 hours


Allows the storage of custom variables such as language.

End of the browsing session


Enables tracking of the use of integrated services.

12 months


Enables tracking of the use of integrated services.

24 hours


Allows Linkedin to offer you targeted advertising.

2 months




Identifies visitors from Twitter

13 months


How do I manage Cookies?

Some Website features, services, applications and tools are provided to you solely through these cookies and tracers.

You can block, delete and deactivate these technologies if your browser or device allows.

However, doing so may result in some Website features, services, applications and tools becoming unavailable. It may also result in you being asked to enter your password more often during your browsing session if the Website requires a user account to be created. They can be used, for example, to remember your interface customisation choices while you continue browsing the Website or to maintain your session open during your time spent browsing the Website, after you have logged in and until you log out.

For more information on blocking, deleting and deactivating these technologies, refer to your browser or device settings.

Cookies and tracers may be deactivated and deleted using tools available on most browsers. As each browser offers different features and options, you will need to configure your preferences for each separate browser you use.

Below is a guide to managing and blocking cookies and tracers:

How can I manage cookies on my device and/or disable cookies?

Cookies can only be installed on your device with your consent, unless they are strictly necessary for the provision of a service you have requested or they are solely designed to enable or facilitate electronic communications. Your prior consent is not required for anonymous cookies used solely to obtain statistics and for web analytics. However, you may disable the installation of those types of cookies on your device. When you visit the Website, a cookie banner informs you that Microlorge uses cookies and recommends you to enable or disable their installation on your device. They will only be installed if you accept them or if you continue browsing our Website by visiting another page of the Website or clicking on a link in the Website. Your consent is valid for 13 months and corresponds to the maximum retention period for our cookies. After 13 months, you will be asked to consent to cookies again. You may also manage your cookie preferences at any time, to enable or disable them, by following the instructions stated below.You can manage the installation of cookies on your device in the Internet settings menu of your browser. However, if you decide not to allow some cookies, this could affect or even block your access to some services offered on the Website. You may disable the installation of cookies on your terminal through your browser settings using the following procedures:


Click the Menu button and choose Preferences

Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the History section.

In the drop-down menu next to Firefox will, choose Use custom settings for history.

Uncheck Accept cookies from websites

Google Chrome

Click More, and then Settings and then Advanced.

Under Privacy and security click Content settings and then Cookies.

Turn Allow sites to save and read cookie data off.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Select the Tools button and then select Internet Options.

Select the Privacy tab and under Settings, select Advanced. Choose if you want to allow,

block or be prompted for first and third-party cookies.


Click Preferences and then Privacy.

Select an option relating to cookies and website data.


Click Preferences and then Advanced.

Select an option relating to Cookies.


Click Preferences and then Safari.

In Privacy, select Block all cookies.


Click More, and then Settings and then Site settings.

In Cookies, turn Cookies off.

Windows Phone

Click Settings and then Advanced.

In the Cookies from websites drop-down menu, select Block all.

You can also regularly clear the cookies installed on your device.

Data relating to your orders : your address must be given for invoices. It is the case also for your bank data, like Paypal,

or another financial partner before the process for your payment.

Microlorge has these functions:

Customer/Sales Service for your orders and shippings sales questions

Technical support and webmaster for your technical questions

invoices and data for invoices to keep 10 years for accounting purposes only.

When you are registered with an account that you create, your email is kept until your deactivation.

When you contact Microlorge with a form communicated by phone your data can be saved

- until to three (3) years from your last contact with no account or order on Website.

- until to ten (10) years (legal time) from last order on Website, if these informations are about this order.

- in other cases, archive time can't be after 13 months.

Social cookies for shares

social cookies allow you to share Website contents with other users or to make to know your good point of view on Website.

On Website some likes buttons are available with 3rd applications able to create social cookies.

e.g. to share or to like from Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn

social network is able to follow your use with internet with these cookies.

If you don't wish social network can be with your user account for your internet preferences

you must not to be connected on social network before to visit this Website.

Please read privacy policy by these social networks to understand all options for use, whose ads,

for informations that they can keep about your use on internet. 

You can choose then with your parameters in your social account.

Cookies are in your navigators if you allow them and only the service who create cookies 

can read and modify your anonymous informations.

One cookie can't identify you as a human but can recognize your computer or little phones,tablets in a limited time anonymously.

Cookies can save other anonymous informations with your internet (number for visited pages, date and hour for your connexion).

You must be informed as here in case for cookies different than necessary 

or if stats use is extended to some 3rd parties 

With Article 32-II from 1978 january, modified by text no.2011-1012 2011/08/24 after text 2009/136/CE, 

now webmasters and providers on internet for websites must inform users to ask for their consent then

users must give their consent before the use for some technologies with some cookies for e.g. analyzing purposes

with any computer that user can use (even video games consoles).

Necessary cookies don't require this consent.

Accept or refuse cookies 

You can at anytime choose to active or to deactivate one all or several cookies with your navigator

but some services can be less good in their use without these cookies if they should be necessary.

Twitter :Yes No

Facebook :Yes No

Linked’IN :Yes No

Cookies are files saved on your phone, tablet, or computer when you visit Microlorge. 

Microlorge uses cookies to make Microlorge work, to have it operate smoothly, and to collect certain information.

Cookie settings

Microlorge uses 3 types of cookies. Enable those you allow Microlorge to use.

Cookies that help to improve the product

Microlorge uses anonymous tracking cookies to collect information on how you use. It can help Kelkoo to make Microlorge campaigns better. Tracking cookies do not identify anyone. They store anonymized information about pages you visited, time your spent on them, and page objects sales you clicked on.

Cookies that help with Microlorge communications and marketing

These cookies collect information about your preferences and help provide you with personal recommendations.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies enable core functions such as security, network management, and accessibility. These cookies always need to be on. Necessary cookies also include functional cookies that are in charge of personalization and usability improvements (for example, language settings, font size, and prefilled forms). You may disable necessary cookies in your browser settings but this may affect your use.

Tell Microlorge whether you accept cookies

By logging in to Microlorge, you allow Microlorge to use necessary сookies.Cookies collect information about how you use Website. It helps Microlorge to improve services so that you could make the most out of Microlorge.

Accept all cookies is recommended but optional.

Session cookies. Session cookies are stored in temporary memory and they are not kept after a browser is closed. Session cookies do not collect information from your computer. They typically store information as a session ID, which does not personally identify the user.

Persistent cookies. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard drive until they expire (persistent cookies have expiration dates) or until you delete the cookies. Persistent cookies collect user-identifying information, such as web surfing behavior or user preferences for a specific website.

Additionally, a website might use external services, which also set their own cookies, known as third-party cookies.

Was the Website exempted for cookies until recently?

YES for these previous reasons before use with Google Services and social networks consents.

The service uses tracers and cookies exempt from consent for your authentication, limiting robots spiders spammers or unexpected accesses attempts but also intended to keep in memory the contents of a shopping cart or to invoice, to the user, the product (s) and / or service (s) purchased, your choice of country. 

For the exclusive account of the service, the service can also measure performance, detect navigation problems, optimize technical performance or web design, estimate the power of the necessary servers, analyze content.

Affiliates ntework is a technical advertising that does not rely on the collection of user browsing data. A website offering content (such as a thematic blog or a comparator as the Website can be also) will thus offer its readers purchases links to specific e-commerce platforms for products it promotes. If the reader wishes to make a purchase, he is then redirected to this platform and the publisher receives a commission on the purchase. The website will then be affiliated to the e-commerce platform (source info CNIL FR)

How to delete all consented cookies from the Website?

The cookie to consent to cookies expires after one year.

As a user with a customer account, you can access before expiration and to delete your data except Prestashop when you click here

Many users began for example to know Microlorge with a Commmunication campaign coming from a Kelkoo service in EEC in addition to natural free or paid websites or markets places when these places want well to work with Microlorge as Seller.

People are free after to access directly to website Microlorge after different online communications or ads already or in future active.

If you already come from a 3rd kelkoo service, your ip is used by them from kelkoo and a tracking for sales by kelkoo to verify after your id order with your ip and your product name choice, references, quantity and sale price. Campaigns cost to Microlorge in global Communication investments and sales increase with Communication price for this service.

Google Analytics Privacy

Google Analytics by Google In. (« Google »). Google Analytics use „Cookies“, a characters chain for data, saved on your computer (by your navigator) and for analysing purposes when you visit. Collected data via cookies about your use for website are sent to a Google server in USA and saved there. In case to this step anonymize Ip, your IP will be compressed before by Google, in EEC european coutries. Only in some cases, all your real IP will be transferred to USA google server and then compressed. Google will use these informations for the owner account for website, in order to analyse your use, to create reports and to provide also data to 3rd parties websites. Google will not link your IP under Google Analytics with other Google data. You can deactivate installation and use with a simple parameter under your software for navigator but you can be blocked to access some functions for website without some necessary cookies. You have the right to prevent registration for your data whose your IP for Cookie and website use, also as the data by google use, with this link available :

You can prevent your data to be registered by Google Analytics with this link to click. 

A « opt-out cookie » will be then on your website and will allow you to not to be tracked during your navigation.

You will find better informations and use conditions on Google link for Analytics about Google Analytics.

The code Google Analytics « gat._anonymizeIp()  » has been added to allow your IP masking with your collected IP.


reCAPTCHA by Google Inc. (Google) is used to protect data accesses when you submit your data with a form. This service is used to make the difference between data submitted by someone instead of abusive data by bots or spiders and spammers. It includes to send IP and sometimes some other data required by Google for reCAPTCHA service. For this purpose, your data will be communicated to Google and used by their services. Your IP will be first less long by Google than in EEC countries and will be then anonymized. Only in some cases, all your real IP will be transferred to USA google server and then compressed. Google will use these informations for the owner account for website, in order to analyse your use. Google will not link your IP provided by re CAPTCHA under with other Google data. This data collection is under the Privacy by Google. Please read for more details :

When you use the reCAPTCHA service, you consent to your data by Google, in mean and described purposes here.

With what services does Microlorge share some data ?

When you accept customize cookies from Banner bottom, Facebook and Twitter can allow you to share the catalog products that you like.

Microlorge shares in a purpose to study markets your anonymized data with Tags 

for Google, Prestashop, Kelkoo to improve sales and performances.

e.g. Google Analytics Tag with Prestashop

or Kelkoo Tag with Kelkoo under Google analytics.

Then tracking for sales by Kelkoo

can be removed with cookie for Google Analytics.

Prestashop Metrics is in service when you consent to this.

You can find their Privacy on Prestashop bottom link on this page.

Microlorge is also a place where personalized ads appear from Google Adsense

according to your preferences with the products that you visit on Microlorge.

These ads are personalized through Google network on Microlorge pages.

Google Adsense is like affiliates networks when Microlorge is a publisher affiliate.

With Google Adsense Communication can allow Communication.

However, you can at any time use the main link for cookies on this page,

to opt out all cookies and Tags coming from Microlorge like Google Adsense

or the product that you purchase.

Microlorge agrees anyway your kind shares about products in catalog on some social networks.

e.g. Facebook or Twitter. Microlorge likes to find some issues to technologies. 

With thanks to your readings and writings.

Google Adsense give their link to visit

Your personal data are used anonymously by Adsense after your consent with customize cookies, Google access then some data to personalize ads you can see and cookies are created to allow these advertisements (personalized or not). Thanks to access previous link for more details

Google Adsense is a Communication allowing Microlorge to pay Microlorge campaigns e.g.

Google Translate uses some cookies to help you understand Microlorge in 100 languages.