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1.1 This agreement online is by a professional who offers or provides online goods and web services

by electronic means for an economic activity. Any Updates or changes for this contract is the current

good contract. You accept some words from this contract come from French under your good understanding.

It is between You and Microlorge Dominique Lorge. You means the user, the buyer, the consumer, the customer,

one professional or an individual. Microlorge Dominique Lorge is a professional seller or the service provider. 

This agreement is about the CGV Sales Conditions and you accept also

the CGU Users Conditions by Microlorge Dominique Lorge. As end user or real end Customer, 

you agree with these conditions that you read.

1.2 New features are added under 3.3 for international users from previous version FR.

1.3 Don't forget your orders can be refused and it is normal in activity that your order is delivered or refunded.

If your order can't be delivered or there is an error from a sender or a carrier it can just be refunded and you can keep package.

Senders appreciate that parcels are refused by customer or receiver at the moment for shipping if parcel is not in a good quality.

If you see a problem or a price error with an offer it is always better and kind to write to seller for more details before to make an order.


2.1 The seller or the service provider resells products or services electronically

and provides identification and information about Microlorge Dominique Lorge

(a) Last and First names: Microlorge Dominique Lorge

Mail address: legal: 17 RUE DU TRICOT 36100 ISSOUDUN

(b) E-mail address:

phone number: 0950262321 for FRANCE 0651715891

Business Hours 10:00 AM Monday Tuesday Wednesday during 2 Hours

the priority is to answer by phone to FR customers consumers questions.

For health or COVID or holidays reasons the phone can be unavailable.

FR Professionals can phone sometimes at the same hours and days.

For Outside France, Microlorge Dominique Lorge only writes and doesn't speak another language.

(c) Registered RCS number for business: RCS 398678680 CHATEAUROUX SIRET:39867868000032

(d) capital: none

(f) Mailing Address of head office: Same place for Business

(g) Mailing address: same place setting

(h) Postal address for claims: Same place Business.Mailing Address warranties: Same place business

(i) Individual identification number in case of VAT liability, Under Article 286 ter VAT FR Code VAT: FR56398678680

Is the activity subject to a Authorization: no


3.1 For Details: please see on microlorge : for  goods: their name, components, dimensions, weight,

quantity, color, features. You can come from another comparison web service to discover all offers that you wish.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge for different goods and categories

can export for example computers and related products : multimedia electronic products 

and TV, monitors, accessories, softwares and hardwares 

with keyboards for your country or language.

3.2 The concerned web services: object, Content. After-sales services from manufacturers.

Some manufacturers with technical manufacturer intervention can be available the day after your request.

3.3 The geographical areas for orders and Delivery: for goods and or web services: 

The List is updated and for the moment 25 EEC countries

If you want to get goods you can perhaps order their offers from your country.

You can also find there are some offers you would like to receive in your Country.

It is free to inform you on partners or advertisers conditions online before any purchase.

If Microlorge Dominique Lorge can't sell everywhere, partners can for you. With this version cgv, Microlorge Dominique Lorge wholesalers export goods.

You have the possibility to send your request for a quotation if you live at abroad.

Because of importation restrictions and fees, Microlorge Dominique Lorge doesn't want to export

with the countries who add too much fees or taxes for their countries for import/export.

The EEC countries are good markets for Microlorge Dominique Lorge.

See the manufacturers websites for more informations about their products.

If we agree with prices and this cgv contract conditions we can send

you goods outside France. (we=Microlorge Dominique Lorge and providers) Service is opened for many countries with many offers whose offers for Resellers. Most customers order in the country where they order and they pay. There are different microlorge domains

for different countries but main domain is All online professionals have a contract for their customers. This contract has all the

legal required informations. More information on how to create this contract can be found

on french 'CCI' public service website for Paris and RCS. All rights are reserved by Microlorge Dominique Lorge

for its conditions, copyright and texts,images,banners microlorge websites. You can trust in Partnerships

from microlorge. Advertisers keep their rights. They have the ownership

for banners about their offers. Advertisers allow microlorge services to display their ads and banners. The users must be real and they can become buyers immediatly or later. As good user and perhaps buyer,

for commercial offers,  you are not allowed to do something else than to choose products or services

only if you are interested to benefit then for the offers: it is free to click on the advertisers images 

with links towards advertisers. You can receive a message to justify your identity in a reasonable delay

for carrier or EEC laws requests by carriers requests. Seller follows your tracking delivery carefully and

Microlorge Dominique Lorge is in service with for your verification purpose. 

Your IBAN must be real or you choose another mean of payment online for you (email paypal included) 

or for the public service with you work. Microlorge Dominique Lorge can't be considered responsible for any problem technical with your order

or problem to send or to receive your invoice or to retrieve your IP. If you receive nothing in delays it can be often 

due to a problem for a stock sold out by wholesaler warehouse sender. You will be informed by a message and refunded. Microlorge Dominique Lorge tries to satisfy your request

but if goods have problems these problems are solved by senders

in best delays in partnership with Microlorge Dominique Lorge.

If you plan to make a claim from your country you can write online by e-mail your

information because postal mails writings are longer to arrive to Microlorge. All advertisers protect their customers and their company.

Many conditions don't include transmission of invoices sent to Microlorge Dominique Lorge

but don't forget you are the customer and anyway you have the right to send this

document to Microlorge Dominique Lorge partner with advertisers with or without affiliation.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge is a publisher affiliated to a few affiliation programs.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge is a partner with some advertisers for their offers.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge resells many products without affiliates programs.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge can't be responsible if there is a problem due to a Provider.

You understand orders are just sent often one time with the best product status

but often insurances by wholesalers and carriers are active for deliveries. 

Sorry if your order becomes cancelled. You are delivered or refunded anyway.

We improve services with providers then products are available with a good level and quality.

Some providers can make an effort if a problem happens but you will receive

always a written answer from Microlorge Dominique Lorge

except if you can't receive this answer. Manufacturers can ask you invoice from Seller.

You must be a real good user and buyer respecting laws as buyer or user. Bad or tests orders are not allowed.

3.5 Delivery methods: Delivery of property by post or via another carrier: YES 

3.6 Guarantees and after-sales service 1 YEAR WARRANTY OR REFUND by the seller or the manufacturer, sender or wholesaler.

For computers it can be directly the manufacturer for this warranty. If you want more than one year you can see

this service with manufacturer directly after.

3.7 Return costs for customer except if customers justify return costs proof for return e.g. invoice.

3.8 If you order a service you agree to verify in real time services,

Then there is no refund and withdrawal  14 days or more for executed services in real time

e.g. audio sound music or some other softwares downloads or domains services, no withdrawal with web hostings ssl certificates.

You always access freely to microlorge online catalogs and offers or texts and readings.

The simple reading for a page by microlorge doesn't bring some advantage or money to microlorge service or a partner.


4.1 The conditions of sale or service are in a manner that allows them permanent online and easy access,

their archive and the seller remains bound by this offer.

4.2 You will find on website microlorge: The different steps.

If you choose to ask for a quotation by email,

then reply by email and access your personalized shopping links, 

created by the seller for you to pay with paypal for your quotation.

(a) -Only a shopping cart is a order electronically with possibility to correct and confirm.

Simple forms are not electronic orders.

(b)-fax to 0955262321 your orders (metropolitan France) + 33955262321 (EEC countries) 

(c) send your orders or request quotations by mail.

This quotation is free and you can decide if you accept or you refuse the offer.

4.3 Each client must give nominative accurate verifiable and justifiable informations and personal datas.

The orders are refused if your informations or personal data are not real.

All these real data are required for:

(a) individuals: usual and common names first and last

(b) all organizations: real legal names and if applicable:your service name for purchases

(c) your legal billing address

(d) your legal delivery address

(e) your Internet address (es) by email

(f) your phone(s) where you can be reached:1.usual legal phone service number in your language and country.

(g) 2.and your 'mobile' phone for carrier.

4.4 The checkout time may take up to a few days or a few hours to be sent.

4.5 The Seller or the web Provider accepts:

(a) your administrative orders forms or legal documents

(b) your questions by email for

(c) your IBAN Bank by e-mail except if you choose PayPal.

(d) your bank card numbers must not be given to Microlorge Dominique Lorge for your security.

4.6 See paypal website for this payment, before the conclusion of the contract.

4.7 You choose the language you prefer or you understand better.

4.8 If you save or print contract: please register this document conditions for your use of customer

4.9 This Version in English is for customers.


5.1 The price displayed on microlorge services and commercial quotations :

EUR TTC + VAT 20% FR included for FR customers for goods.

Delivery charges due to carriers are written with your order.

VAT number must be provided if you are a professional with VAT in EEC country.

invoices and quotations are with or without VAT if it is necessary with your country.

With computers  products or other related products,

Microlorge Dominique Lorge works with some FR wholesalers for these products and delivery.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge can resell with microlorge online stores FRANCE OR OTHER EEC

or can choose another provider.

5.2 For Resellers: In terms of products shipped by you outside the EU and DOM / TOM, the price will be

calculated by you without tax on your invoice if you want to resell to foreign consumers.

5.3 Customs duties or taxes local, import duties or local taxes may be payable

(excluding services). We recommend you to inform you about these issues with local authorities.


prior formalities Before confirming its acceptance of the offer, the consumer understands:

the details of the order: products or services, possible save off % in prices, payment method, delivery method.

the total price including VAT, and corrects any errors, the contracts.

The seller or service provider addresses the buyer a receipt the order

by electronic means, as soon as possible. This formality gives the buyer the certainty for contract

to be taken into account.


7.1 There are several options. Your Payment is or the payment by your users are:

(a) immediately Bank card and in this case the payment is irrevocable

(b) with Paypal for

(c) by Wire Transfer for IBAN number Microlorge Dominique Lorge.



Microlorge Dominique Lorge

Code B.I.C 


Code I.B.A.N

FR76 4061 8803 2000 0409 6485 310

Domiciliation Boursorama Banque

44 rue Traversière 92772 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT CEDEX

Adresse du titulaire du compte


Code Banque 40618

Code Guichet 80320

N°compte 00040964853

Clé rib 10

(d) checks are not accepted except in France


Notify in writing by e-mail or service before you return

your product to the given written address by Seller Microlorge Dominique Lorge.

When order is confirmed, the consumer is informed the existence of right of withdrawal on goods.

The consumer has a period 14 days to withdrawal without having to give reasons or to pay penalties except

product return costs (except if you can justify the document on the cost to return).

However, the goods must not be altered or destroyed and they must be returned to the mail address

for Microlorge Dominique Lorge. In cases damages wholesaler take the problem for a return in their warehouses.

You are the sender from your country and if it costs too much to return, a simple refund only is made.

The shipping costs can be a reason why Microlorge Dominique Lorge to refuse to accept your order outside France.


The seller must refund the total amount paid by you: the amount of the order and the costs of delivery.

The refund can be done by any means of payment on professional proposal except otherwise

the consumer option.


10.1 The seller indicates, before concluding the contract, the date limit at which it undertakes to deliver the

goods or perform the delivery service. Usually 24H to 72H after your order. except out of stock + Processing

time up to 3 days. If your products are out of stock, you have your refund for these products under 14 days.

10.2 Only the public services organizations like in FR are allowed to have 30 days end of month to pay 

if it is allowed from your country. We can study your requests for the other countries. 

If your service is at abroad please write to know if the seller

can help you and can even change conditions for you.

10.3 In case of delay of more than 7 days compared to the announced date and not justified by 'force majeure', the

consumer or the customer may terminate his order by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and get a

full refund paid within 14 days. Please for the delays at abroad you will understand it can be longer than a few days.

In this case you can be informed by e-mail for real delay and you choose after to maintain or to cancel your order.


11.1 Notify in writing to service before return for your product to the written address by the Seller

Microlorge Dominique Lorge. This seller or the manufacturer delivers goods in conformity with contract and liable for defects

conformity at the deliverance. The seller also answers defects resulting from packaging, mounting instructions or

set up when it was put to him by the contract or was conducted under its responsibility.

In case of non-compliance, the consumer has a dual option without charge:

Replacement or repair the property purchased.

11.2 However, if the choice of consumer has a cost manifestly disproportionate given the value of the property

or the importance of the default, the seller may decide according to another modality.

This will be the case for example if the model concerned has changed or been modified or where the

repair is possible, but with a replacement cost.

If repair or replacement can't be done: the consumer gets refund after the return for the  goods.

11.3 OR keep the goods and get a part of the price. It will be the same if the offered solution

can not be implemented within a month after the claim of the buyer, or if this solution can not

be without significant inconvenience to thereof, given the nature of the well and use that research. If the

lack of conformity is minor the cancellation of the sale may not, however be pronounced.


We recommend that you send your mail to the address:

11.5 Specify the following information:

(a) order or invoice number, full name and address.

(b) reference of the item that you want to return.

(c) the reason for the non-conforming item:

damaged item, article or size of the article incorrect, duplicate item, quality in contrary with your expectations...

11.6 Once the seller receives your item, you will be notified by e-mail for your refund. Refund will be performed

in the same form as payment of origin within 14 working days after receipt of the returned item.

Be sure to indicate the reason for return and the method you choose: replacement? or refund?

reason for return

Also make sure that a document for delivery is returned with the article or articles to process your request

as quickly as possible.


12.1 If the seller or service provider offers a commercial guarantee, Are specified: the content of the warranty,

the elements necessary for its Implementation, its duration, territorial scope, the name and address:

All products ordered to Microlorge Dominique Lorge are guaranteed at least 12 months

or you obtain your refund. Notify in writing Service before returning your product

to the address given by seller for your authorized return if we agree with providers.

12.2 OBSERVATIONS: The seller offers these benefits consumer that go beyond the rules

Note it can result in a Extended Warranty. If One Wholesaler allows 2 years instead of 1

the seller allows also 2 years warranty.

If it exists, the commercial warranty shall be stated prominently on the site.

These provisions do not deprive the buyer the right to exercise the action resulting from

latent defects as resulting from Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil FR Code or any other action in contract or

if a fraud is recognized by the law. This period runs from the answer to customer question

or the provision for repair the property concerned, if this provision is after the intervention request.


If the contract includes a clause tacit agreement (example: subscription contracts for computers warranties)

you have the ability to terminate its commitment if provider service allows this.

14. PERSONAL DATAS For simple accounting reasons

14.1 Then your consent is not required. Your data is used for orders / monitoring / after sales warranty on your order.

Young people can use services with the supervision of a parent or guardian

and can not order. They can however receive package to the address of their home or another address. If you have

under 18 years old you are just allowed for reading service online from your home or access as in CGU.

14.2  According to the law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 by law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004,

the FR consumer has at any time in particular, the right to access, opposition and rectification.

The service from which the consumer can exercise his rights is: write to

It also specifies the numbers Registration statements: Microlorge Dominique Lorge has all statements Receipts

for services.

14.3 Warning! Microlorge Dominique Lorge can not collect so-called sensitive datas 

(Ethical or racial origins, opinions political, etc.).

14.4 All processing of personal datas must be declared by professionals according to law January 1978,

if these professionals want to provide a service with html forms and can be implemented only after 

the receipt, with only necessary information that identifies the customer

(name, sex, age, sometimes date and place of birth, email address, address, phone, etc.).


15.1 This contract is under the law for the country where the consumer has his

usual residence FRANCE METROPOLITAN for consumers in France. For customers at abroad:please note

the contract is protected with French laws.

15.2 If we are not able to solve problems, legal jurisdiction is assigned in Châteauroux Commercial Court,

because Microlorge Dominique Lorge is registered with a RCS Chateauroux number in France.

15.3 Microlorge Dominique Lorge must be informed by your important message request

for various problems with these professional activities.

15.4 In case of claim, it is necessary first that you write kindly to Seller before.

Seller activity depends from senders and wholesalers.

Microlorge Dominique Lorge doesn't refuse something without any reason.

You use your usual IP for your order. You are not allowed to change your real IP to make a fraud.

The IPs give trust and they can be a proof in a fraud case.

If you think to be a victim of a fraud thanks to write to webmaster about this.

You keep your rights as real customer you are.

If a public service wants to buy something, they must give their real public service addresses where they work.

The companies don't hesitate to inform their users or their customers with their conditions.

15.5 Customers can also buy and send after where they want. This activity is not the responsibility

of Microlorge Dominique Lorge because you live or you work in your home or your Professional physical place.

You become owner for gifts or goods with receipt for the goods or gifts

and after your full payment. As user or customer, you don't have the ownership for server.

The ownership for Microlorge Dominique Lorge servers is always to Registrars. Advertisers have their services.

 On the import Policy country in which the consumer is, there are, in many countries, restrictions

or prohibitions import that they can be justified for different reasons (religion, public health,

environmental protection, etc.). Some customers can receive products in France and if their family

is at abroad they can send themselves and pay fees for their family respecting import laws.

You buy under your physical real address and you do after what you want except frauds

because you become the owner for products that you paid.

15.6 Seller is registered to resell products with a legal RCS number CHATEAUROUX FRANCE on the world wide web. It depends

for laws in France with FR 'Tribunal de Commerce'. Seller thanks all customers when they order something on Microlorge.